Utility Panel Experience and Discussion – DustBuster® SCR Catalyst Installs

In this informative webinar, hear from industry SCR experts, Scott Williams of Duke Energy, Adam Hoalcraft of First Energy, and Andrew Walker of Dominion South Carolina about their recent experience with CORMETECH’s DustBuster® high dust SCR catalyst technology.



CORMETECH DustBuster® SCR catalyst is being effectively utilized by many utilities to improve SCR reactor performance by eliminating pluggage and ash accumulation inside the SCR.  In this Virtual User Group discussion, you will hear from a panel of SCR experts from Duke, First Energy and Dominion South Carolina about their full layer experience with the benefits of DustBuster® technology.  After an update from each Utility, attendees will be encouraged to ask questions of the panelists about their actual experience with DustBuster® in their units.

DustBuster® technology unique features:

  • Engineered geometry for High Dust environments
  • Nextgen Technology Platform
  • Ultra-Low Pluggage potential
  • Large Hydraulic Diameter
  • 100% Catalytic Material continuous straight walls, with no Metal Mesh
  • Lower Initial and Long-Term SO2 Conversion Rate
  • Highest Catalytic Surface Area per Open Area
  • Clear and Dependable Guarantees
  • Demonstrated Reliability > 11,000 MW of Experience
  • Made in the USA
  • Regenerable and Recyclable
  • Guaranteed Takeback at End of Life – No Disposal and Landfill Costs
  • Available in COMET™ technology for guaranteed Mercury Oxidation
  • Can be utilized in Hybrid layers to minimize plugging while maximizing catalyst potential
This webinar will help you make informed decisions about flexible strategies for maintaining an effective and efficient SCR catalyst under high dust applications by extending catalyst lifecycle and reducing overall maintenance & compliance costs, especially for units where the new CSAPR regulations may be impacting performance requirements for the 2021 Ozone season.


Attendees are encouraged to ask questions which will be covered during the Q&A session of the webinar. 




Andrew Walker | Power Generation | Dominion South Carolina Scott Williams | Principle Engineer | Duke Energy Adam Hoalcraft | Chemical Engineer | First Energy 




Joe Skipper | Director of Business Development, Coal | CORMETECH Inc. John Evans | Moderator, Q&A Administrator | Krishnan & Associates

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