Regeneration + Recycling




We provide proprietary full lifecycle management to ensure optimum performance at every step by regenerating and recycling materials to expand and enhance product life spans. Not only is this better for your bottom line, it benefits the environment by putting sustainability and reuse at the forefront of everything we do.
Benefits to Your Business
C360 Reduces cost, reduces waste, reduces landfill


Our extensive experience with a range of industrial emissions control allows our catalysts and adsorbers to be easily installed into a variety of systems.



Materials Reactivated


Achieves new performance at 50% Lower Cost of Compliance Decreased Carbon Footprint Able To Regen 2-3 Cycles

The regeneration process removes catalyst and adsorbers deactivation compounds and restores activity back to the original OEM level. And since it reuses modules, it provides environmental compliance that looks good for your bottom line.

Manufacturing catalysts and adsorbers for the last three decades has provided us with the infrastructure, skill, and refinement to produce world-class CORMETECH catalysts and adsorbers on a large scale. This guarantees quality while greatly reducing costs of supply chain manufacturers.


After 1 Cycle
We Remove Impurities

Closely monitoring the catalysts and adsorbers, we can determine exactly when to clean and remove impurities from catalysts and adsorbers that would otherwise get removed and replaced, renewing their lifespan and efficiency.


Raw Materials Reused


We Grind Down Components Eliminates Landfill DECREASED CARBON FOOTPRINT sustainably made new catalysts

Catalyst and adsorber reuse is an environmentally friendly, cost-effective and closed-loop solution using patented separation and cleaning technology to convert used catalyst and adsorbers into cleaned, reusable titanium feedstock.

Our Process