Spring Outage Season Preparations: 9 Key SCR Catalyst Recommendations

Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) represents the predominant worldwide NOx control technology used in coal & gas-fired power plants. The key to successfully operating any SCR system is the proper maintenance of the SCR catalyst system during outages. Proper outage maintenance on the SCR will help reduce the overall operational costs of the SCR which can directly impact the profitability and availability of a power plant. With the outage reason right around the corner, CORMETECH has a checklist of items that are recommended in order to be fully prepared for the outage:

CORMETECH has the following recommendations for each outage:

  1. Order heavy duty pallets and cover bags for catalyst removed during the outage. These should be onsite prior to the start of the outage. Remember, typical pallets will break under the weight of a catalyst module.
  2. Order catalyst testing catalyst replacement samples and shipping boxes – these typically come from catalyst testing company.
  3. Shipping arrangements with catalyst supplier for “Just-in-Time” delivery of catalyst. This will minimize laydown area impact which is typically scarce during outages.
  4. SCR Inspection including all catalyst, seals, sonic horns/ash sweepers, ductwork, turning vanes, and ammonia injection system.
  5. Catalyst sampling and testing of each layer to determine catalyst deactivation trends.
  6. Catalyst vacuuming down to the catalyst surface.
  7. Ice blasting of catalyst to remove catalyst pluggage.
  8. Catalyst disposition to determine where removed catalyst will go – Regeneration, storage or landfill? If Regeneration, catalyst can be shipped to CORMETECH. If landfill, check with your environmental services department on where catalyst can be disposed of or stored safely.
  9. Inspection of the ammonia delivery and storage system to ensure compliance with OSHA standards.

CORMETECH has over 30 years’ experience in both the operation and maintenance of SCR systems. CORMETECH provides the most comprehensive SCR services and products in the industry.  From new and regenerated catalyst to our entire package of turnkey services, including catalyst installation, SCR inspections, SCR catalyst sample collection, and SCR catalyst shipment logistics.


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