Solution For High Dust SCR Applications


The process of utilizing coal as a fuel source to generate electricity produces residual ash.  Depending upon the type of coal, this ash can be beneficial as an additional revenue stream for use as a supplemental material in concrete or gypsum panel products.  However, the fly ash can also be a detriment to downstream air pollution control equipment, specifically Selective Catalytic Reduction catalyst where an overabundance of the ash can create problems with plugging of the catalyst and the subsequent build-up atop the layers.   This plugging is a design consideration of all OEM SCR catalyst manufacturers.

CORMETECH, Inc., the world’s leading SCR catalyst manufacturer, has brought its years of experience and expertise to bear on this issue and has come up with a solution that surpasses currently available products.

In this informative webinar, Mark Schirmer, Senior Project Manager for CORMETECH, will review key benefits and project drivers for CORMETECH’s high dust application SCR catalyst technology.

  • Background information including the effect of fly ash on SCR catalyst and systems
  • High dust coal application design strategies – How to bust the dust
  • SCR operational information regarding high dust environments
  • High dust SCR catalyst applications and regeneration – Truth and consequences
  • Field data and case study highlighting CORMETECH’s new high dust solution

The SCR case study reveals the cause and effect of a high dust application on catalyst plugging.  Also discussed will be the benefits of extremely large pitch (ELP) catalyst under high dust operating conditions.

Attendees are encouraged to ask questions which will be covered during the Q&A session of the webinar.

  • Plant Owners
  • Plant Managers
  • Plant and Corporate Environmental Engineers
  • Corporate Engineering Management
  • AE Firms

Mark Schirmer is a Senior Project Manager for CORMETECH, Inc. with 15 years of service.Prior to coming to CORMETECH, Inc., he was employed by Corning Incorporated in various Engineering and Project Management position during his 23 years of service with Corning.Mark holds a BSME, Magna Cum Laude, from Rochester Institute of Technology.


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