Optimizing SCR Catalysts to Strategically Accommodate Low Load & Load Cycling


SCR systems today are being challenged to operate with more flexibility and at much lower temperature ranges for the reduction of NOx emissions due to low load operational strategies. Renewable energy  assets are taking priority in many areas creating a dynamic whereby coal and gas fired plants are not operating as the base load and are being forced to cycle and load follow. SCR’s can be still be very effective in these ranges if operated efficiently. This webinar will show you how to optimize the utilization of your SCR and air pollution control system:

Mark Conger, Senior Project Engineer for CORMETECH, will review key benefits, project drivers and strategies for CORMETECH’s low temperature / low load SCR catalyst technology.

  • Background information including the effect of ammonium bisulfate formation on SCR catalyst
  • Minimum operating temperature design strategies
  • SCR operational information regarding low temperature / low load efficiencies
  • Design approaches for low load operations of the SCR
  • Recovery phases of low temperature SCR operations

Case study examples of low temperature operation from over 10 years of experience in dealing with these operation considerations will be discussed and explained in detail.

By attending this webinar you will be able to make better decisions about low temperature SCR operations, improving plant operating flexibility and develop  cost effective strategies for maintaining an effective and efficient SCR catalyst.

Attendees are encouraged to ask questions which will be covered during the Q&A session of the webinar.

Who Should Attend:

  • Plant Owners
  • Plant Managers
  • Plant and Corporate Environmental Engineers
  • Corporate Engineering Management
  • AE Firms

Mark Conger has over 14 years of experience designing and managing SCR catalyst for customers in combustion turbine, refining, petrochemical and specialty markets world-wide. Mr. Conger has extensive experience in maximizing catalyst field performance, AIG tuning and has expertise in a full range of CORMETECH’s laboratory testing for all types of SCR’s.  He has been heavily involved in numerous product technology and process improvements at CORMETECH.  Prior to joining CORMETECH, Mark previously spent 11 years in the chemical manufacturing industry managing various aspects of daily operations, engineering and environmental compliance and permitting.


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