Launching Our CORAL Technology

Innovation is in CORMETECH’s DNA – the company came to life in 1989 as a technology marriage between Corning and Mitsubishi. Corning brought extruded honeycomb engineering capabilities that revolutionized automotive catalytic converters. Mitsubishi added unmatched industrial and power-plant development/operations expertise. Together, the joint venture created emissions-control filters known as catalysts that have reduced smog-causing nitrogen oxides by as much as 90 percent.

Throughout its four decades of existence, the now independently owned CORMETECH has never stopped innovating. In 2018, the company began to adapt elements of its gold-standard catalyst technology to a new type of filter, a sorbent-substrate adsorber that’s core to making industrial-scale carbon capture a reality.

CORMETECH’s proprietary and patent-pending CORAL Technology for carbon capture draws its name from the natural sea structure counterpart and shares a critical common trait—an active wall. Just as coral reefs play a dynamic role in accumulating carbon and is a vital carbon sink, CORAL Technology is intended to make possible CO2 capture at the massive scale needed to help the world achieve net-zero goals.

The CORAL name represents our commitment to sustainable carbon-capture solutions and always working to make the air cleaner for people and the planet.


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