Innovative Catalyst Design Overcomes High Dust SCR Challenges


Ash accumulation during coal power generation, especially in “high dust” environments in the flue gas, can lead to erosion and plugging of the SCR catalyst with subsequent ash build-up atop the catalyst layers. Coal-fired power plants globally utilize a range of opportunity fuels to produce the lowest cost power. These coals have varying levels of ash, which can be a detriment to a power plant’s downstream air pollution control equipment, specifically SCR catalysts used to reduce NOx emissions.

CORMETECH, Inc., the world’s leading SCR catalyst manufacturer, has brought its years of experience in SCR catalyst development to offer an innovative solution that surpasses currently available catalyst technologies. The unique CORMETECH DUSTBUSTER® SCR catalyst consists of optimized channel geometries that facilitate the flow of ash-laden flue gas through catalytic surfaces without compromising on the DeNOx and SO2 performance, product reliability, and catalyst life cycle benefits of Honeycomb platforms. Furthermore, the uniform, large hydraulic diameter rectangular openings deliver optimized aspect ratios to prevent dust build up and catalyst pluggage inside the SCR reactor.

  • Ultra-high plugging resistance
  • Ultra-low SO2 oxidation
  • 11mm hydraulic pitch delivers higher surface area than plate
  • Low aspect ratio (2:1) rectangular cells
  • Uniform cell geometry
  • 100% catalyst material structure
  • Eliminates corrosion, erosion and catalyst delamination compared to plate
  • Optimal Regenerability Capability – Eliminates iron that will increase SO2 oxidation
  • Extends Catalyst Lifecycle – 100% Regenerable or Recyclable
  • Made in the USA
  • Background information including the effect of fly ash on SCR catalyst and systems
  • High dust coal application design strategies – How to bust the dust?
  • SCR operational information regarding high dust environments
  • Pluggage & Erosion Test Cases of DUSTBUSTER
  • Results from the Test Evaluating DUSTBUSTER vs plate catalyst
  • High dust SCR catalyst applications and regeneration
  • Commercial application and benefits of DUSTBUSTER – Field data and case studies

This webinar can help you make informed decisions about flexible strategies for maintaining an effective and efficient SCR catalyst under high dust applications as well as having lower maintenance costs.

Mr. Elliott’s responsibilities at CORMETECH include the oversight of the coal and regeneration sales and customer relationship teams as well as marketing for the company.

Mr. Elliott has been in the environmental field since 1999.  His experience prior to joining CORMETECH included responsibility for the management and installation of flue gas desulphurization (FGD) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems for Progress Energy.  Mr. Elliott also had responsibility for plant management, outages, and boiler performance testing.

Mr. Elliott received his Masters of Business Administration from the University of South Carolina, and a BS in Mechanical Engineering from North Carolina State University.


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