Benefits of Multi-Pollutant Gas-Fired SCR Applications


The ability to improve turbine efficiency while reducing ammonia usage, expanding operating load range, and lowering maintenance costs are hallmarks of a well-designed SCR system. Advanced catalyst and module designs are able to deliver increased catalytic potential, reduced pressure losses, and reduced maintenance needs. The additional catalyst potential can be leveraged for higher NOx reduction, reduced ammonia usage, and longer catalyst life. Single layer, multi-pollutant catalyst can economically replace two separate individual layers of SCR catalyst and CO oxidation catalyst. This results in benefits to performance, pressure loss, sulfur resistance, and cleaning requirements, while providing improved load flexibility especially for units without existing CO oxidation catalyst.

CORMETECH, Inc., the world’s leading SCR catalyst manufacturer, has brought its years of experience and expertise to bear on this issue and has come up with a solution that surpasses currently available products.

In this informative webinar, Brian Helner, Business Development Manager for CORMETECH, will review key benefits and project drivers and will discuss the advanced technologies through theory and case studies, including field data for commercially operating units.

  • Specific METEOR™ multi-pollutant catalyst benefits CORMETECH’s latest patented ultra-high surface area, high open area honeycomb ELITE™ technology
  • Drivers for potential retrofits of existing units which do not use CO catalyst
  • Laboratory and field validation of METEOR™ catalyst performance in achieving reduction in NOx and oxidation of CO and VOC

A case study of METEOR™ multi-function pollutant catalyst performance on a full scale 320 MW unit at Ennis Power (Ennis, TX) will be discussed.

This webinar can help you make informed decisions about flexible and economic alternatives for reducing NOx, CO, and VOCs emissions.

Attendees are encouraged to ask questions which will be covered during the Q&A session of the webinar.

  • Plant Owners
  • Plant Managers
  • Plant / Corporate Environmental Engineers
  • Corporate Engineering Management

Brian has 14 years of experience designing and managing SCR catalyst for its customers in combustion turbine, refining, petrochemical and specialty markets world-wide.Brian has been involved in numerous product technology and process improvements at CORMETECH. Prior to joining CORMETECH, Brian previously spent 10 years in the petroleum refining industry managing various aspects of environmental compliance and permitting and 3 years in precious metals refining.


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